The vocation of being a (young) teacher

Being a teacher is not a profession, but a vocation! And the distance learning forced by the situation proved a lot. Many experienced teachers have failed miserably. And many young teachers, supposedly still „fresh“ in their profession, showed professionalism and dedication, which can only come from the heart – not from the internship, not from the education, not from the diplomas! They showed the importance of the vocation of being a teacher! A young teacher at that!

Today we will introduce you to a teacher in a private school who fully fits the maxim that a teacher is not made, a teacher is born – Ani Stoimenova!

The (un)ordinary lady in English

She is an (un)ordinary English teacher of first graders who have barely grasped pencils and pens in their small, inexperienced hands. Those little ones have not yet mastered the way to write Bulgarian letters. Not for a year, not for months, but for weeks, even days, she managed to arouse in the fragile children’s souls a desire not just to study but to learn English.

The approach of a young teacher

Her approach is at first glance very simple – children learn while having fun. Children learn through their senses – see, hear, touch. They are given the opportunity to set their own pace of teaching, to show their own preferences, and to have someone accommodate their capabilities and wishes. No pressing, no rushing, no annoying chores, which at 7 years old are the most hated thing in the world.

Day after day, children are encouraged to enter the wilds of the foreign language on their own. They are praised for even the smallest achievements. They are rewarded – with attitude, with a smile, with the melodious voice of Mrs. Stoimenova, gently whispering „Bravo! You made it“. And somehow, even before the children have managed to learn the Bulgarian alphabet and cursive in their native language, they imperceptibly manage to learn to write correctly, literately, and beautifully in a foreign, and not easy, language.

The key to success

The key to this success is concluded in several things unusual for the traditional pedagogical school – artistry, sincerity, and spontaneity. Unintelligible to some, but working and, most importantly, loved by children. Because if the children do not like, do not understand, and do not experience learning, the relationship with the teacher, or the emotion of new knowledge in a positive aspect, then the teacher has not succeeded.

Young school = love for love

When the children talk about Mrs. Stoimenova, one can feel the love. Love flowing from their innocent eyes, from their gestures, from the rising timbre of the voices in wonderful excitement. Lessons with the young teacher begin with joyful exclamations of the children and end with loving explanations. The children finish another lesson shouting around „I love you Miss Anni. I love you!“. After that, not even an estimate is needed! The reactions of the children, the knowledge they have accumulated, and the freedom with which they converse in a foreign language, which some encounter for the first time, say it all!

„I love you Miss Anni“ is the truest appreciation for the work of a young teacher! No long-term experience, but proven. A teacher who won the prize in the hearts of little seven-year-olds!

Because being a teacher is a vocation, not a profession!

They love you Miss Anni!

The amazing Ms. Stoimenova can be contacted here.

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